We offer business development capabilities to companies of all sizes -from start-ups to blue chips. Over and beyond traditional sales team efforts, we unlock opportunities for our clients and accelerate their international growth.

Utilising local market knowledge and cultural insight, our Sales Agent network delivers global reach and local insight that will open markets and create new revenue streams for your company.

Selecting agents in various markets is a crucial element of expanding into new markets. It is also a labour-intensive process that White Castle Partners proposes to perform for you.

Our mission is to build a viable network of ideal sales agents, who will bring with them expertise, experience, industry knowledge, and many senior contacts within the industry. We will build and manage a Sales Agent Network that will successfully and consistently expand your business in EMEA.


In today’s highly competitive telecom industry, the key to standing out lies in consistently providing only the finest services and most efficient solutions.


Whether you are large or small organisation, White Castle Partners is the catalyst that takes innovative ideas from inception and converts them into sales.

consumer electronics

White Castle Partners will enable your innovative business to scale rapidly and adapt to quick changes in the extremely competitive consumer electronics industry.