White Castle Partners is a business accelerator that discovers, invests in, and mentors young entrepreneurs who use emerging technologies to bring great ideas to the world. We help commercialise academic research, drive growth, and create shareholder value in innovative and promising startups.

We add value by accelerating customer acquisition, securing smart investments, and assigning a unique mentor who steers each company through the maze of legal, commercial, strategic, and practical decisions that can make or break a startup.

With our unique international network of experts and investors, our in-house management, finance, marketing, and communications professionals, we support companies with all the necessary tools and resources to achieve global success.

We believe in your innovative ideas and their potential to become disruptive businesses. Benefit from our global network of experts and executive contacts to tap into venture capital, mentor your start-up, and accelerate your business.

vc funding

We have a real passion for start-ups. We simplify the fundraising process by bringing together everything entrepreneurs need to connect and collaborate with investors and we also mentor and help them scale on a global basis

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We believe in the power of mentorship – sharing knowledge and experience generously, openly, and altruistically. Our mentors are some of the best serial entrepreneurs and investors in the field of technology.

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Utilising local market knowledge and cultural insight, our Sales Agent network delivers the global reach and local insight that will open markets and create new revenue streams for your company.

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